Man Gives Ex-Girlfriend ₹2 Crore As ‘Breakup Fee’, She Refuses By Saying “It’s Not Enough”

Relationships are hard but breakups, they take the cake. All the love that two people shared is forgotten and a deep pain in the heart sets in. I mean when I had my breakup listening to Channa Mereya was literally the only thing that soothed me.

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And what if, you add money to the mix?! Oh it’s a recipe for disaster.

A man in China reportedly left 2 million yuan in cash which is about $300,000 as ‘breakup fee’. His ex partner left it behind in the bar because she felt it wasn’t enough.

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WHAAAT!?? Firstly, who the hell gives a breakup fee (my boyfriend sure as hell didn’t) and secondly, not enough? Gurl, what’s that all about?!

The bar employees discovered the suitcase lying there when they were shutting the place. The people in China’s Hangzhou city were putting it into the storage space where lost items were kept when the latch snapped open.

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According to NDTV, the suitcase opened up by mistake and there it wash- hard cash. That’s what you call a hidden treasure. The police estimated the money to be around 2 million yuan or $314,000.

After investigation it was seen that the briefcase belonged to a young IT professional who was at the bar with two women. One of the ladies was his ex-girlfriend. The workers there saw the man leave abruptly after an argument without the suitcase and the women too followed suit, leaving the bag full of money behind.

The man then came back after a few hours to recollect the money as the woman had allegedly sent him a message saying that she was leaving it there. The main said that she had asked for 10 million yuan and left it because it wasn’t enough. The woman however, said,

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“I didn’t take it and left. I then called him and told him that I didn’t take the money. I told him to get it himself. That was it.”

As bizzare as it sounds to many of us ‘breakup fee’ or fenshou fei is a practice not unheard of in China. Though it’s not legally binding many jilted lovers often ask for money after a long-term relationship comes to an end.

Hey, so all of you who go around breaking hearts, good thing you’re not living in China right? That bank balance sure would take a serious hit and then devdas mode would actually be legit.