Desi Guy Decides To Escape Traffic Jam By Passing His Scooter Under A Truck, Watch Video

Just like we can’t beat desi moms in coming up with khatarnaak dialogues, it’s equally difficult to beat Indians when it comes to jugaad. I mean, we have a solution to almost all the problems. Want to ward off locusts? Turn DJ and blast loud music. Truck causing traffic jam? Just get out of it from under the truck.

Yeah. Someone actually did that!

Traffic congestion and roadblocks are common on Indian roads. However, this man had very little patience to wait for the jam to clear. Hence, he decided to turn hero from a typical action-packed Rohit Shetty film and got past it from under the truck, that too with his scooter.

A man was seen pulling this stunt with ease in a video that has now gone viral. In the undated video, a passerby can be seen walking from under a truck parked on the road, causing inconvenience to commuters. Inspired by the pedestrian’s act, this man decided to do the same with his scooty. He got off the vehicle, kneeled down a bit to adjust to the height of the truck, and then swiftly got to the other side from under it. Well, one can also see people lined up to replicate this man’s desi jugaad.

The video was shared as part of the ‘heavy driver’ trend with the meme song ‘Bete mauj kardi’ playing in the background.

This is how people reacted to his dangerous stunt:

While this video successfully tickles our funny bones, we urge people not to attempt anything like this anywhere.

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