Delhi Man Edits Flight Ticket To Enter IGI Airport & See Off His Mom, Gets Arrested

It is customary (and also quite affectionate) of family members to drop off their kin at the airport and wish them a safe journey. More so when that member is travelling by themselves. Recently, however, a son took things too far while dropping off his mother at IGI’s T3. Here’s what happened.

On August 7, a man named Ubaid Lal gained unauthorised access to the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (more specifically Terminal 3) with the help of an edited flight ticket. His reason? He wanted to see off his mother travelling to Srinagar.

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At 10.55 am, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) noticed him and got suspicious of him entering an area meant specifically for check-in passengers. Subsequently, he was questioned and upon confession arrested for flouting airport security norms.

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Hindustan Times quoted CISF Assistant Inspector General Hemendra Singh saying,

“On enquiry, it was learnt that he had entered the terminal by showing an edited ticket of a flight to Srinagar. It was learnt that he had entered the terminal building to see off his mother who was travelling to Srinagar. On questioning, the man admitted to having edited the ticket to gain entry into the airport.”

“He was handed over to the Delhi police and a case of cheating and criminal trespassing was registered against him.”

Earlier, a 24-year-old man was arrested for sending a fake bomb threat to Hyderabad airport. He confessed that he wanted to stall his friend’s flight to Canada as he was jealous of his success. We sincerely hope that everyone takes airport security much more seriously in the future and such incidents are not repeated.