Dad Diving Into Water To Make ‘Splash’ Backdrop For Daughter’s Pic Has Netizens Cheering!

Mothers might be the ones who cater to everything we need, are more caring, and are the better communicators, but you have to agree – dads are the way cooler ones! While mothers will caution us about the big bad world, dads are the ones who give us a pat on the back and tell us to go wild. From giving unsolicited dating advice to sneaking money inside our bags, dads are the underrated heroes we have.

Like this dad who went the extra mile just so that his daughter could get the perfect shot! A Twitter user by the name CaityMarie1423 posted a series of pictures of explaining how she wanted to take a photograph in a bikini and her dad suggested how the background would look way better if he dove into the water and created a massive splash!

And he did!

This is what she tweeted:

It didn’t take long before her tweet went viral and netizens were full of appreciation for the dad, who in fact has been given a virtual ‘Dad of the Year’ award!

I need my dad to gain inspiration from this!