Frustrated With Office Politics & Bullying, Man Decides To Quit Corporate World, Seeks Advice

While there are some perks to working in an office like playing cricket with colleagues during lunch break or bringing freebies home, the toxic work culture, mental pressure, workplace politics, and bullying are some of the main reasons why many people look for a job change or a change in their profession altogether.

A 25-year-old man living in Mumbai was also frustrated with the office politics and bullying at the multinational company he has been working in. Hence, he decided to leave the corporate world permanently.

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However, this man wasn’t sure what should he do next in order to keep money flowing into his bank account and be able to pay his own bills. Starting his own business would have been another option but he’s not interested in it too.

Confused as to what to do next, he decided to take to Reddit and directly ask those people who have said bye to their corporate jobs but are still making money.

People who have left their corporate job, What are you doing now?
by u/I-Read-It-7 in india

On reading about his dilemma, those with experience came to the comments section to share their expert opinions.

Some suggested he should change the company and not leave the profession at once.

Responding to them, the man from the finance domain working in a major IT service company said that he did try to change his job first. But he’s facing the same issues at his second job.

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Others also suggested different ways to make money without having to be a corporate slave.



It must be mentally exhausting and pretty serious which is why he decided to take this major step. What would you do if you were in his place?

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