Man Who Chewed Gutkha During India-New Zealand Test Match Becomes Hilarious Meme-Material!

Gutkha spit marks at almost every corner of public places are a common sight in the country. However, back in 2016, the national capital New Delhi banned chewable tobacco thereby reducing the gutkha spit marks around.

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Well, the chewable tobacco has now traveled to the cricket stadiums and has even become the reason for a man’s stardom online.

During the India-New Zealand test match played on Thursday in Kanpur, a man grabbed all the eyeballs. As the live camera panned towards the audience in attendance, a man was spotted chewing tobacco while talking over the phone, reported News18.

On watching him, Twitter was immediately reminded of that one character from Bollywood movies who is often seen chewing gutkha or paan and talking in a funny accent, very difficult to intercept.

Soon after, people online started flooding Twitter with hilarious memes and jokes at the expense of the gutkha chewing man.

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I remember how the security personnel took away my lipstick at the entrance of the cricket stadium quoting security reasons. How come this man was allowed to freely chew tobacco inside owing to the fact that he might, at some point, would want to spit out, painting the surroundings red? Just a thought!

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