Man Buys Birds Just To Set Them Free, People Online Call Him A ‘Hero’


Birds are supposed to be in the wild – freely flying wherever they wish. But humans often forget this in their wish to tame them, to cage them and keep them for themselves. Thankfully, there have been many incidents where people set them free, took care of them when needed, and fed them selflessly without wishing for them to come back.

One such human is this man who bought little birds from a seller only to set them free immediately. He is seen sitting inside his car. The seller hands the birds over to him one by one and he sets them free! Have a look at the video here:

People online are lauding the man for his kindness towards the winged creatures. Some even called him a ‘hero’. Have a look:

However, there were also people who mentioned that the birds are trained to come back to the seller and that this was a scam.

Some even mentioned that these might be exotic birds and not all of them can survive in the open.

Nevertheless, it is so inspiring to see humans help animals and birds live the way they were meant to live – free!

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