Man Buys 55,000 Dresses For His Wife As He Didn’t Want Her To Wear The Same Dress Twice

Somehow, and this happens every time a girl has to go out, we never have anything good to wear, even if we shopped a month back at the season sale.

But that’s something Margot Brockmann never had to worry about. Her husband, 83-year old Paul Brockmann, always had a new dress ready for her whenever she had to go out!

He had been doing the same since 57 years and now he has a collection of 55,000 dresses!

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“I drove down the street one day and I saw a beautiful dress hanging on a garage door. So I stopped and I told the lady that I wanted to buy the dress”, said Paul.

The lady looked at him funnily and asked him why did he want to buy a gown, to which he replied, “My wife and I, we do ballroom dancing.”

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The lady asked him to come in and she sold him three more dresses.

She said that her husband and herself used to do ballroom dancing as well. He passed away and she thought that these dresses will never see a dancefloor again.

“But if I give them to you, they will”, said the lady.

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Paul’s relationship with Margot dates back to the night they met, at a dance hall in their native Germany.

“When I walked in, there was Margot,” Paul recalls. “We danced all night and we fell in love.”

According to Margot, Paul’s “philosophy” has always been that she will not wear a dress over and over again:

“So whenever we went out I usually had a different dress to wear.”

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At first, Margot used to get annoyed on seeing so many dresses. So Paul hid them and took them out when the mood was right!

“Why wear a dress twice?” asked Paul, “It’s great if I see her one time in a dress and enjoy that evening, and of course if we go to another one, let’s have another dress!”

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Nobody besides his wife knew about the dresses. They were all stored in his garage. But one day he left the garage door open and his daughter discovered them.

They didn’t know what they would do will all those dresses. But soon they figured out.

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“Paul feels that they should be back in circulation so that somebody else can wear them again and get use out of them instead of just hanging in the warehouse”, said Margot.

At the time when Paul bought the dresses, he didn’t realize that some of them were designed by iconic names. A few of them even turned out to be Vera Wang!

Now the couple has sold thousands of dresses to women to make their day as memorable as it was for Paul and Margot.

Romance lives on for ages after all!

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