Man Builds Romantic Island To Win Back Ex-GF, It Becomes A Hotspot For Other Couples

For some people, love is as easy as making a cup of coffee in the morning. For others, it is as difficult as flying to the moon. For some, a bar of small chocolate can win the hearts of their beloved. For others, even the grandest of all gestures can fail to make someone fall in love with them.

For example, a 30-year-old man named Xu from China tried to win his ex-girlfriend back by turning an island into a romantic park just for her, but it didn’t melt her heart.

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According to Times Now, the couple had called it quits in 2020. However, Xu wanted to win her back. So he used all his savings to buy a deserted island and transform it into a beautiful and romantic spot. He spent 1,00,000 Yuan (Rs 11 lakhs approx) to cover the island with peach and cherry trees, flowers, pink grass, and an arch bridge.

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When Xu showed the island to his ex, it didn’t melt her heart and she refused to get back with him.

Even though Xu was left heartbroken, the island has now become a mushy hotspot for couples! Many go there to propose to their partners and for pre-wedding photoshoots!

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While Xu’s love story remains incomplete, he did manage to help other people find love!

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