Burglar Breaks Into House To Cook Himself A Breakfast, Tells Owners To “Go Back To Sleep”

When a thief breaks into our house, they usually intend to rob us of our hard-earned money. But this Dunedin guy seems to have a delicious intention. We have earlier seen burglars being all innovative with their conning talents. Remember the UP robber who flew all the way to Pune and stayed in luxury hotels to break into local homes or the robbers from Gujarat who decided to dance in front of CCTV after looting a flat?

Well, this burglar from Dunedin, Florida takes it a notch higher. He casually breaks into someone’s house just to cook himself a decent breakfast at 4 in the morning.

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He allegedly broke into a house, cooked himself an early morning meal and left after the cops were informed. According to reports, a 19-year-old Gavin Crim was arrested for entering a house, cooking and eating food inside the victim’s kitchen.

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He allegedly entered the home through an unlocked rear door, cooked himself an early morning meal and told the resident there to “go back to sleep.” The occupants of the house who were terrified to see a stranger cooking at their kitchen in the wee hours immediately called 911 for help.

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Reportedly, Crim ran from the house soon after the residents called the cops. Deputies from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office then tracked him down in a wooded and swampy area behind the home. He was then arrested on burglary charges. Reports also suspect might be under the influence of alcohol before he sneaked into the house and began cooking, then eating, the victim’s food.

See what hunger does to you. What do you think of this episode?

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