Man Books A Hotel Room Online, Arrives & Finds That It’s Under Construction, Complains

While booking a hotel room or a guesthouse online, you would think that you could trust the medium (website, app, etc.) via which you are booking it. You would think that the pictures, reviews, and every other detail provided on the site would be accurate. Nobody wants to reach their destination and find a hut where there should have been a bungalow.

However, Amit Chamsikar booked a hotel room online in Bengaluru only to reach the location and find that the hotel is under renovation and there’s not a single soul living there.

These are the details of the room that was booked:

This is what the place looked like when he finally reached it:

This is what the reception area looked like:

Amit Chansikar took to X (formerly Twitter) to write about the entire experience. Have a look:

Several people online responded to his post by sharing similar experiences they’ve had after booking hotel rooms via the same platforms. Many called the websites out for causing such a nuisance. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

What an extremely disappointing experience!

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