AP Man Assaults Female Colleague With Iron Rod Allegedly For Asking Him To Wear A Mask

A disturbing incident from Andhra Pradesh just came to light. According to Times Of India, an employee of a hotel in Nellore under Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department thrashed a disabled female colleague with an iron rod.

She was subjected to violence because she allegedly urged him to wear a mask within the office premises amid coronavirus pandemic.

A report by Times Now indicates that the deputy manager C Bhaskar didn’t like taking orders from his junior, the victim CH Usha Rani, and the matter escalated to physical violence. The entire incident was recorded in the CCTV camera of the hotel.

In the video, the man can be seen dragging the woman by her hair then thrashing her with an iron rod. Several other staff can be seen trying to stop the violent deputy manager. The footage soon went viral of social media and people condemned the man’s act.

However, he was soon taken to task by Andhra Pradesh police and was put behind bars.

A case has been registered against him under relevant sections of the IPC.

Here’s how people reacted to the incident:

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The victim who worked as a contractual worker also lodged an assault case with the Nellore police against her deputy manager.

The man’s actions are indeed deplorable. However, it’s good to know that the cops were quick to investigate the matter and put the perpetrator behind bars.

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