Chinese Guy Adopts Pet Thinking It’s A Dog, Turns Out To Be… Wait For It… A Rat!

A wise man once said, “Kabhi kabhi jo dikhta hai, woh hota nahi hai. Aur jo hota hai, woh dikhta nahi hai“! If only this pearl of wisdom were translated and drilled into the people of China! Then incidents like what you’re about to read wouldn’t keep happening with them!

You remember the story of how a Chinese man adopted this abandoned animal in 2015, thinking it was a puppy? And then a few years later, realised that it was actually a wild bear! Well, something quite similar and hilarious has happened again!

According to a story that’s going viral in China right now, a man adopted a cute little pet, thinking it to be a puppy. Shockingly enough, it turned out to be a rat!

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The man wrote a blog post about it in September, where he explained how he found the bizarre dog-looking-rat!

Turns out, he visited a friend in a small mountain village, where they then found this tiny dog-like creature at the door. Since it was dark, and they were concerned about the little fella, they decided to adopt it.

However, as it grew, it began displaying some rather not-dog like characteristics. So the man put up a picture on his blog, seeking people’s opinion on what he might have brought home.

A news website, The Shanghaiist reports that lots of people chimed in and finally helped the poor guy figure out that the pet he thought a dog was actually a bamboo rat.

The bamboo rat is found in southern China. It’s diet is predominantly bamboo; however, the bamboo rat itself is somewhat of a culinary delight in Guangdong province!

Wow, alright then!

The pet owner finally decided to give his beloved not-a-dog rat up, mostly because he didn’t know how exactly to care for it.

I guess people in China need to double check what they are adopting and bringing home!