Man Slips, Finger Touches Sindoor, Accidentally Applies It On Woman, Gets ‘Married’ In Serial

From breaking ‘chand ka tukda’ to doctors performing defibrillation on patients using bathroom scrubbers, some television serials have left science and logic way behind in time with their OTT plot twists.

Not to forget the cringe-worthy moments that occur in the serials that either lands the protagonist in a suitcase or makes them an ‘ichcha dhari nagin’.

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Well, this time a video of a couple ‘accidentally’ getting married on a TV soap has surfaced online and my brain cells aren’t able to process it.

The makers of the show ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’ decided to get the leads married without even them lifting a finger, like literally! In the now-viral video, one can see how dramatically the man accidentally applies sindoor on the woman’s forehead without her noticing (or her consent), like WTH!

The woman, standing next to her dressing table is caught by surprise after the man slips on the wet floor, soaks his ring finger in her ‘sindoor ka dabba’, and then hits the bullseye on the woman’s neatly parted hair. Kid you not, this legit happened!

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Here’s the video evidence of this bizarre happening:

And like us, people online were also left baffled by this unbelievable video.

As if the innumerable rebirths, never ageing grandparents, gravity-defying stunts and cringy storylines weren’t enough to repel people like me from watching daily soaps that the makers penned something as mind-boggling as this.

What do you feel about the similar kind of content that desi moms are often seen binging?

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