Journos Accompanying Mamata Banerjee To London Caught Stealing Silver Cutlery From Hotel!

I’m sure we have gotten together to discuss news and newsmakers, affecting the world we live in. Sometimes light, at times grim, I suppose and hope we have dealt with every blow that has our come our way.

While I wish we could do that again and exercise our rights for the nation-building process, I am stumped at the headline the morning has brought to my notice. Yes, I’m here to share but mind you, it isn’t like any you have heard before. It isn’t about the usual news-makers, rather the news-presenters who we like on the other side of the discourse.

But we don’t live in an ideal world because senior journalists accompanying Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, on her official tour to London–according to The Outlook–stole silver cutlery during the dinner meet! 

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The ‘guests’ who were attending an official gala at a luxury London hotel, in the honour of Mamata Banerjee, were caught on CCTV doing the unthinkable and were later reprimanded by the staff.

As per the report, the Indian scribes who weren’t attentive about the camera were all senior editors, handpicked by their organizations to accompany the CM on this very important tour. One of them said, 

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“They possibly thought that the cameras wouldn’t be working anyway as is often the case in Bengal.”

The findings also suggest that another gentleman amongst the bunch was fined £50 (Rs 4310/-) because he apparently denied looting any silverware only to confess later at threats of a police complaint.

While that is that, journalists back home and people from all walks of life have taken to Twitter to are condemn the shameful act. See for yourself.  

1. I can’t even…

2. Oh, the irony!

3. Who would have thought?

4. WORD.

5. Just saying.

6. Nothing compared to the humiliation they have brought India.

7. Only if…

8. Now, you know.

9. ‘Disgusting.’

10. You bet!

11. On another note…

Honestly, this is one of those rare moments where you’re not sure whether to laugh or fret! I mean, can anything be more embarrassing?