Girl Who Lost Hands In Bomb Blast, Cooks For 1st Time And Has Vikas Khanna And Others Impressed!


She doesn’t want your pity or your sympathy. She might not have both her hands, but she has an unbeatable spirit that fuels her to try each and everything.

Meet the 28-year-old Malvika Iyer, a bomb blast survivor who at the age of 13 lost both her hands in an explosion at her home in Bikaner.

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Her driving force has been her mother, who never left her side and always kept her motivated. Malvika gradually managed to do everything on her own and aces, like a boss.


But, the only thing that was left for her to do was cooking. But she successfully did that too, without her hands. She tweeted,

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She was elated to achieve this feat and so are we.

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Now that’s something pretty incredible. Tweeple are lauding for Malvika. Just like Vikas Khanna, who even made a promise to her.


Malvika was on cloud nine seeing his reply and wrote back, blushing,

Kudos to you, gurl. You make us so proud.

After the blast, she had sustained severe injuries to both her legs including multiple fractures, nerve paralysis, and hypoesthesia. She was hospitalised for 18 months which involved multiple surgeries. It was after that she began to walk with the aid of crutches and was fitted with prosthetic hands.

Malvika’s a Disability Rights Activist and is working towards a Ph.D. in Social Work. She has floored all by her motivational speeches at UN Women Commission’s youth forum, TEDxYouth (at Chennai) and at any podium she has been invited to speak at.

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