Mallika Dua Responds To Twinkle Khanna’s ‘Lame Joke’ On Her Spat with Akshay

It has been a while but the Mallika Dua-Akshay Kumar row is getting bigger and murkier with each passing day. In fact, if you thought Mallika being trolled was the worst that could have happened, you couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Yes, her fellow comics stood by her in during the ordeal but, as unfortunate as it is, the tables turned when Akshay’s wife Twinkle Khanna got involved in the controversy. 

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She took to Twitter and posted THIS. 

While we were not surprised to see Twinkle defending her husband, people were baffled to see that she, one who stands for women rights, would say the things she said. Although there were no personal attacks on Mallika, her words did reflect that Akshay was being held for something that has always been acceptable in the comedy circle.

Dismayingly, that’s not all she did. Twinkle, upholding ‘freedom within comedy’ also took Twitter to crack two ‘lame jokes.’ She wrote, 

Yes, Twitter was not happy.

And, unsurprisingly, neither is Mallika who said it all with her ‘laugh.’

Hey, I’m the last person to take sides but fueling the fire, one that’s been lit over something as problematic as sexual harassment, seems like a bad idea. No?

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