RJ Malishka Dances For Olympian Neeraj Chopra During Interview, Twitter Calls It ‘Harassment’

Soon after Olympian Neeraj Chopra bagged a gold medal for our country in Tokyo, the world flocked to interview the ace Javelin thrower. RJ Malishka was also in conversation with Chopra for her show on Red FM recently. 

However, a clip tweeted by her showed Malishka and her team grooving to the song ‘Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri’ in front of Neeraj Chopra who was attending the interview via a zoom call. The video didn’t go down too well with people online as they opined that Neeraj looked very uncomfortable during the call. They claimed it was harassed and strongly reacted to the video.

Many condemned the clip and slammed the RJ for being unprofessional. Some were even reminded of Navika Kumar’s interview with the Olympian where she asked him about his dating life and was called out for her sexist question.

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However, some differed on their point of view. Here’s what they had to say-

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