“I Was Very Scared”: Malaika On A Contestant Touching Her Cheeks During Dance Reality Show

Malaika Arora has been in the news for embracing body positivity. The actress who also judges a dance reality show spoke of a recent incident when a contestant on India’s Best Dancer touched her cheeks unexpectedly.

She said it left her shocked mainly due to the pandemic. HT reports Malaika saying, “I was a bit frightened because these are Covid times.”


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“He suddenly came near me and started touching my cheeks. I got really scared for a second. He was doing it with a lot of love and I feel very, very touched and very happy. But yes, I was bit scared for that second. I was thinking if his hand was sanitised,” she shared.


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Her co-judge and choreographer Geeta Kapur opined, “It is very rare because she is such a big personality, who will go and directly touch her cheeks? Even we don’t have such courage, he actually had the guts to do it, I think that was very sweet.”

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