People Slam News Publication For Their Sexist Headline On Malaika Arora’s Outfit

Remember back in 2014 when a leading news channel sensationalised Deepika Padukone’s cleavage? It had started a much-needed conversation about the inappropriate, and quite frankly violating, gaze with which female celebrities from the film industry are viewed. It has been 8 years since, and turns out, leading news channels haven’t learnt a lesson.

A leading daily recently faced backlash online after they published a sexist article with Malaika Arora’s pictures. Have a look:

Not just this, several other news websites published similar articles where they wrote about Malaika Arora allegedly going “braless”.

People online slammed the publications for not having basic decency and reminded them of the ethics of journalism. Have a look:

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What a female celebrity, rather any woman, chooses to wear is nobody’s business. Such sexualization of female celebrities by the media needs to stop.

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