Malaika Arora Justifies Item Numbers, Says She Liked Being An ‘Object Of Desire’

Item songs in Bollywood and those performing on such peppy numbers are often looked down upon. In fact, a politician even blamed item numbers for rapes happening in the country.

However, popular Bollywood actor Malaika Arora, who rose to fame after performing on item numbers like ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ and ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ thinks otherwise.


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In a recent interview, the passionate dancer and yoga enthusiast said that was a liberating experience for her.

“That’s what our films are all about, let’s not hide that fact, let’s not be shy about the fact. That’s what we celebrate in our films. Our films are a celebration of life, they’re larger than life. Yes, the concept now, in today’s day and age, has really dwindled. Because there’s just so much emphasis on not having to objectify, etc.”

“But when I did it, and when I was a part of all those songs, for me it was liberating. It really was,” The Indian Express quoted her saying.

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A post shared by Malaika Arora (@malaikaaroraofficial)

She further added that she liked being an object of desire in item songs. “I felt that I could just be on screen, as this woman and this object of desire. For me, it was very liberating.”

“I never looked at it as, ‘Oh my God, you’re being objectified’. For me, it felt like I was in control. I’m anyway one of those women, I like being in control, I like being the master of my own destiny.I don’t like being told what to, how to, where to. It felt amazing.”

Malaika is today seen as a woman of substance. A woman who can juggle through all the roles in life, seamlessly manage work and home and be this bombshell mom that can make any model run for their money even at 48. Now, that’s an amazing feat!

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