Malaika Revisits Childhood Memories Of Babysitting Sister, Amrita In Their Mom’s Absence

Most of us must be having some bitter-sweet memories of the times spent with our siblings. From fighting with them to fighting for them, we have definitely come a long way. And no matter how much we dislike them, our childhood is incomplete without them, right?

Recently, dancing diva, accomplished actor and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora spilled the beans about her relationship with her baby sister Amrita Arora.

News18 quoted her saying, “Parents give you direction in life and support you. But our siblings also support us, and that is something we should be happy and proud about.”

She went down memory lane and shared how Amrita has been like her own child. Recalling their childhood, Malaika said that she used to take care of Amrita when their mother was at work.

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“From eating to getting her ready to going to school, I would help her do all her work.”

“I still remember Amrita used to go to the washroom in school after taking permission from her teacher on the condition I was present there. She has been like my own child,” she added.

However, she adds that her baby sister has grown up and gives her advice now. “Now that she has her own kids, she behaves like my older sister, she gives me advice.”

“We share a close and strong bond. We have had our share of days where we would fight, not speak with each other, but she was always the first one to say sorry whether it was her mistake or not.”

Malaika and Amrita share a bond that most of us have with our siblings. The cute anecdotes from their childhood make me miss my siblings even more. *sigh*

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