20-YO Guy Asks For Advice On How To Get A Group Of Close Guy Friends, People Respond

We all crave real friendships, especially as we get older and in some cases end up drifting apart from our childhood buddies. Our attempts to broaden our social circle as adults are often challenging and making strong, meaningful connections seems like a difficult task.

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A 20-year-old took to Reddit to explain his situation of how he doesn’t really have any male friends and sought advice on how to form a close-knit friend circle.

As a 20 year old guy, i dont have close guy friends and i cant maintain a group of guy friends to call them my boys, what am i doing wrong? from AskMen

Many men shared their two cents on the matter and talked about how there is a general lack of deep, meaningful male friendships.

The most popular advice was to find people with shared interests:

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Don’t try too hard, there are many people like you.

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