Only A True Makeup Addict Can Score 10/10 In This Quiz


People tend to underestimate the power of makeup. Makeup is art. To play with colours, to give your face a certain definition, and to be able to create gorgeous looks is nothing but the work of an artist. Makeup-enthusiasts would agree!

GIF source

Hence, if you are a makeup addict, identifying these products would be an easy game for you. Take this quiz now!

1. What is this makeup brush called?

2. What is this product called?

3. What is the product in the white packaging called?

4. What are these items called?

5. Identify this product.

6. Here’s a tricky one. What are these called?

7. What is this beauty guru applying under her eyes?

8. What is this beauty guru about to use on her face after completing her makeup?

9. What is Kim K using here to ‘define’ her face?

10. What is this woman trying to apply?

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Cover Image source: I, II.

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