From Ghee To Beetroot, These Food Items Can Be A Quick Replacement For Your Makeup!


Disclaimer  – This article is not written by a beauty professional but by a broke person who loves cheap hacks. 

So, here’s the deal – Although I love watching the fabulous makeup routines posted by beauty gurus, I just can’t afford a single product used by them. However, that doesn’t stop me from pampering my skin or enjoying a glam-up every once in a while! Wondering how? Well, easy. The answer to my ultimate beauty routine lies in my kitchen.

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So, without further ado, I share with you my list of food items that double-up as makeup products. Also, if you’re skeptical about applying food to your face, let me tell you they have certain health benefits too. From papaya to ghee, have a look at the ‘products’ I use for a full face glam.

1)Ubtan – The pocket-friendly face pack.

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No makeup routine could possibly start without cleansing your skin. So, let’s start with the basics – an Ubtan face pack. All you need to do for this is mix some 2 spoons of gram flour (besan), 1 teaspoon turmeric (haldi), 1 spoon sandalwood powder (chandan), and some rosewater. And, voila your pocket-friendly pack is ready! Plus, the ingredients used have cooling properties that soothe even sensitive skin.

2) Papaya – The natural exfoliator. 

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In case you are in the mood for something fancy, you can try exfoliating your skin without burning a hole in your pocket. All you need for this is papaya. Simply fash your face and then gently rub it with the inside of the papaya skin in a circular motion. Did you know papaya has anti-aging properties?

3) Coconut oil – The ultimate moisturizer.

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Not only is coconut oil easily available everywhere it is also comparatively cheaper to other moisturizing products. Personally, I love the way coconut oil gets absorbed by my dry skin.

4) Cacao Powder – My go-to contour powder.

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Head to your kitchen and grab some cacao powder for that stunning sun-kissed glow.

5) Beetroot – The gorgeous blush.

There are several ways to use beetroot to make your DIY blush. The easiest and quickest way that I use is taking a slice of the beet and rub a tinge of color on your cheeks and then blend well for that rosy tint. Added bonus – Beetroots are rich in Vitamin C and other minerals.

6) Cinnamon – The sultry nude eye shadow.

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Make your eyes pop by mixing two spoons of cinnamon and 5-6 drops of coconut oil. And, then all you need to do is apply the smooth paste to your eyelids. Also, just in case, you are looking for a bold look, you could try using matcha or turmeric instead.

7) Ghee – Your one-stop solution for chapped lips.

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 This age-old desi nuska was bestowed upon me by my dadi. The best way to moisturize your dry lips is with ghee, trust me!

8) Strawberry – The beautiful lip tint.

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Last but not the least, the best way to color your lips naturally red is by using some strawberries and cherries. All you need to do is mash them together and then use a brush to apply the juice on your lips. This is a great alternative to lip gloss! 

And, you’re ready!!!  So, did you like my beauty hacks the broke bitch style? Also, if you’ve some makeup tricks and tips, do share them with us!

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