People Online School Woman For Saying Girls Should Focus On Cooking Instead Of Makeup

Cooking is a woman’s job? Think again. For too long, we have been constantly fed the idea that women belong in the kitchen, but the truth is cooking isn’t a gender-specific role. It is a basic life skill that everyone needs to acquire in order to survive. So, no it’s not only women who should learn to make ‘gol rotis‘ but instead all of us should.

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Speaking of which, I recently came across a tweet that left me shocked. A twitter user asked people how girls learning makeup instead of cooking would feed their husbands. Apart from the obvious gender stereotype, the statement enraged individuals for various reasons.

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Many people schooled the woman saying that it’s a personal choice on what anyone wants to do in life. 

Well, learning to cook is not only a survival skill but also a fun activity. What’s the last dish you made? Tell us!

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