MakeMyTrip’s UNSEEN India Film Is All You Need To Fall In Love With India – All Over Again

Summer’s here, and so is the FOMO season. We are sure you’d all agree that life has become pretty monotonous with the same WFH and never-ending work calls and household chores. And on top of this, all your social media timelines will pretty soon be flooded with travel photos of EVERYONE ELSE on a vacation, living the good life. So of course, the natural question is, why shouldn’t you take a break as well?

If you’re in a dilemma about where to head next, MakeMyTrip is here to cater to your problems.  MakeMyTrip’s Unseen India travel film is the kind of film that you would watch over and over just to enjoy the virtual tour of the aesthetically-pleasing yet unknown tourist spots shown in the video with a poem-like voiceover by Vijay Raaz.

When it’s about travelling, it’s always a good idea to take the road less travelled. MakeMyTrip’s #MyIndia campaign encourages the wanderlust spirit within you to explore the parts of India you never imagined you would be travelling to!

What is #MyIndia campaign all about?

To bring us the beauty of these unseen gems of India, MakeMyTrip collaborated with 22 renowned and loved travel Instagrammers, as a part of the #MyIndia campaign. These influencers covered more than 100 hidden gems in 19 states and 3 union territories over the span of 60 days, and highlighted some of the most majestic unseen places of India through their image posts, videos and Instagram Reels.

They not only explored the these hidden gems but also encouraged their audience to share pictures of the hidden places they’ve visited in India as an entry to the #MyIndia contest, wherein they would get a chance to be MakeMyTrip’s travel ambassador!

Go through your favourite creators’ journeys

These places are not only less-crowded making them ideal for those who are looking to get away from city life, but also offer you an experience like never before! And how can we talk about travelling but not show you what we mean?

We start from the lovable Niki Mehra (@nikimehra) who describes her visit as, “one of the most surreal places here in India is the ‘Heaven on Earth’

And now we come to everyone’s favourite, Kritika Khurana who went to Leh-Ladakh to unravel some of the best-kept travel secrets of this gorgeous place.

Design a similar holiday for yourself

If you like what you see and would also like to experience the smooth, seamless experience of planning a vacation just like Mohnish here did, then all you have to do is check out MakeMyTrip’s app and get access to numerous flights, cabs, stay locations – all under one roof.

What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to see in #MyIndia that’ll make you smile wide with pride. Go to MakeMyTrip’s Instagram page or Guides to find more travel-related inspirational content and you can also check out the MakeMyTrip app to see all the amazing places covered during this campaign.

All these stunning shots of these gorgeous hills, pretty waterfalls, and unending beaches are making us want to pack our bags right away without even a second’s delay. What about you?

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