After Losing A Leg At 25 In The Kargil War, He Is India’s First Amputee Marathon Runner

One look at the 43-year-old Major DP Singh’s Facebook page and you will be awestruck by his energy levels and by his passion for living life. He suffered a major trauma but decided to rise above all of it with dedication and hard work. What we see today, is a man who has managed to free himself from the clutches of death.

His story is nothing short of a miracle. He conquered death and emerged a winner! Be ready to get inspired.

Meet, Major DP Singh. He lost his leg at the age of 25 and even parts of this intestines were removed after he sustained a mortar injury in the Kargil war, 1999. He was declared dead when he was brought to the hospital.

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But a senior doctor who was visiting the military hospital decided to take charge and nursed him back to life.


He was hospitalized for forty days and his weight had come down to a meager 28kg! Imagine a 25-year-old man weighing 28kg! Singh lists down his injuries in this chart.

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Despite all this, Singh is running marathons and inspiring people along his way!


Beating all odds, Major Singh is now a marathon runner, a motivational speaker and in pink of health. Yes, it is difficult for him even now, he says…

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“I take more time to prepare myself. The intestinal injuries slow me down. It takes me anything from one and a half to two hours to even start the workout. After the workout also, I need some time for recovery.”

Running with an amputated leg. Excruciating is the only word which can describe this difficult ordeal.

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Major DP Singh is India’s first blade runner, India’s first amputee marathon runner, and a Limca record holder for running more than 20 marathons! He is known as the “Indian blade runner.”

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He also runs an NGO called the ‘Challenging ones’ dedicated to motivating the physically challenged people (whom Major likes to call ‘the challengers’) to lead a healthy life.

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Major talks about the importance of sports and how it helps one to be able to be a part of the society, again.

“Sports is the fastest way to build the correct attitude and with the correct attitude, you don’t feel like you are disabled or an amputee.”

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This awe-inspiring story is sure to motivate you. Be supportive and be healthy. If Major Singh can conquer all his pain, we sure can make a little effort to wake up early, work-out more often and lead a perfectly healthy life. More power to you, Mr. Singh!

News Source: The Huffington Post

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