Fans Find Hilarious Newspaper In ‘Main Hoon Na’, Reads ‘Why The Hell Am I Typing This’

If we were to count some of Shahrukh Khan’s most popular films, ‘Main Hoon Na’ would definitely make the cut. Starting from the songs to the action sequences, the St. Paul’s Darjeeling campus to Zayed Khan 😛 everything about the film was epic!

However, one person online found a pretty hilarious goof up in Main Hoon Na’s end credits, reports Times Now. The dummy newspaper which had an article about Raghavan Dutta’s death (played by Suneil Shetty) had a hilarious paragraph.

The writer of that dummy newspaper writes:

“I seriously don’t know why I am typing this because no one is going to be able to read this through the camera but I guess I have no choice. You see the thing is that the colours don’t seem to match so I basically have to type this whole thing out. I am thinking of handing over this honourable job to my two hardworking colleagues.”

Have a look:

The scene was from the ending song ‘Yeh Fizayein’.

Take a closer look at this newspaper from Main Hoon Na’s end credits song, ‘Yeh Fizayein’. from ShahRukhKhan

It was a jaw-dropping moment for people online. Many shared jokes and compared the writing to how students write their exams!


Have a look at the video here:

Did you spot this goof-up before? Tell us!

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