Woman Slammed For Her Condescending Joke On A House-Help Making WhatsApp Group To Plan Leaves

These days, our house, our kids, and our lives depend on our domestic help. Just one day of them taking a leave makes us pull our hair. But with everyone owning a mobile phone, at least house-helps get to inform us that they’ll be taking the day off.

The house-help of this Twitter user also made a WhatsApp group of all of the houses she works at to update them about her leaves.

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Most of us would do the same. We would either send a leave application via email to our boss or update them about our leave plans over WhatsApp. But somehow, a domestic help doing the same may come across as a surprise to some.

Taking to the microblogging site, the user shared:

“Our maid just made a WhatsApp group of all the houses she works at to update about her leave plans.”

Soon after she posted this tweet, some people also joked about how their ‘maids’ have become advanced and professional.

However, there was another set of people who thought it’s not funny. In fact, it was tone-deaf to make condescending ‘jokes’ about domestic workers when they would have also done the same.

People really went a little overboard with the jokes, maybe because her profession is not considered tech-savvy enough. What do you think?

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