Delhi Maid Caught Stealing, Makes BF Create Fake FB Profile Of Her Employer To Harass Her


Even though modern technology has helped make our lives easier, it has a negative side too. Sadly, cyberbullying or cyber harassment is the painful reality of today’s digital world. Like recently, a domestic worker reportedly planned virtual revenge against her employer.

According to Mid-day, a housemaid convinced her boyfriend to create a fake profile of her woman employer on Facebook. She reportedly did so because she wanted her employer to feel harassed. In order to teach a lesson to her boss, the couple even posted her mobile number with vulgar and obscene messages on FB.

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The man identified as Suraj, a resident of Delhi, created the fake ID with the vulgar caption of ‘Paid Sex’. He allegedly uploaded the mobile numbers of the woman and her mother on the page along with some obscene photos of a few other ladies. The matter came to light when the woman approached the police in South Delhi and lodged a complaint.

The complainant alleged that a few months ago the maid, Shruti, was caught stealing from their house. However, they did not report the matter as it was settled amicably. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Atul Thakur was quoted saying, “The complainant was getting harassed as they were receiving a number of calls from many people.”

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The accused reportedly confessed to the crime. He stated that he created the fake ID and also uploaded the mobile numbers of the complainant. A case was registered under section 354D and the accused, Suraj has been arrested. Further investigations are awaited.

Virtual harassment can emotionally and mentally scar a person. So, it is our responsibility that we use modern technology wisely. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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