After Being Shamed For Smoking, Mahira Khan’s Viral Pic Lands In An Ad For Pak Cafe. Really?

The last couple of days have been the worst for women and for causes women fight so hard for. Believe me, I wish I were wrong but the reality is far from being ideal. While sensationalism is hitting the roof with juicy headlines, women rights are dwindling under the weight and pressure of the culpable systems at place!

And this is not territorial or geographical. Sexism exists even beyond the borders and the entire Mahira Khan episode is the latest addition to the long list of many. If you need a recap, here’s what happened…

Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan was spotted with Bollywood actor, Ranbir Kapoor, smoking and chilling in NYC. 

Need I tell, the picture you see is of two single people, minding their own business…

But as soon as the snaps surface online, a wave of hate was unleashed on Mahira. Apart from being called names, she was targeted and slut-shamed for living her life, the way she wants to. If I may, heights of irony were reached when she had to face-character assassination just because she smoked and she is a woman!

While there were people, including Ali Zafar and Ranbir Kapoor who came out in her support, nothing can take away from the fact that she was meted with double-standards and of the murkiest order!

Now, like that wasn’t enough, a Pakistani Cafe by the name Cafe Liquiteria has done something that will make you cringe in disgust. In a bid to sell, the cafe has shared Mahira’s picture as an ad but only after ‘fixing’ it! 

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While there were only a few tweeps saw it for it is- trash…




2. The question of the hour!


There was a bunch who found it funny!

1. ‘EPIC’, said one.

2. Ludicrous!

3. The definition of ‘trendy’ has changed over the years…


No, seriously…what is wrong with us? First, we shame a woman, call her names, drag her through mud and et all and then we, go ahead and use (read exploit) her picture to vested interests! I have had some opportunity to learn some lessons on advertisement and this my friend doesn’t even stand close to ‘ad.’

And today where women are fighting to win some agency over their lives, career and body, this only goes to prove why women have to fight in the first place!