Mahira Khan Called A ‘Gold-Digger’ For Marrying A Businessman When Her Net Worth Is Way More

If there is one Pakistani actor alongside Fawad Khan who is rooted for, desired and supported, it is Mahira Khan. Indians got to witness the gorgeousness of Mahira Khan in ‘Raees’ but real fans know her from ‘Humsafar’. She is incredibly stunning to look at and is a supremely talented actor.

Mahira Khan recently got married to a Pakistani businessman named Salim Karim in an intimate ceremony surrounded by friends and family. A video from the occasion went viral on social media wherein we see Mahira dressed in a pastel lehenga walking towards the love of her life, who is in tears while watching her walk up to him.


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For those who do not know, this is the second time Mahira is getting married. She was previously married to Ali Askari and they have a son, Azlan, who was born in 2009. They separated in 2015.

Mahira and Salim Karim were in a relationship for a few years and got engaged in 2019 in Turkey. Salim is a known name in the business world and is the CEO of Simpaisa, an online payment facilitator.

But what is yet again disappointing to see is that Mahira Khan is being trolled for marrying a “rich man” and someone who “has money”.

If you remember, Parineeti Chopra was trolled in a similar fashion once her engagement to politician Raghav Chadha was announced. Sushmita Sen too was called a “gold-digger” when businessman Lalit Modi very flamboyantly announced their alleged relationship.

To say that Mahira Khan can be bought with money and call her a “gold-digger” is a joke.


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With a career spanning over a decade, Mahira Khan has established herself as one of Pakistan’s most renowned and accomplished actors. She has a massive fan following across the globe. Beyond acting, she has also excelled as an ambassador, representing her country and various international brands with grace and sophistication. She is an advocate for various social issues and is a very respectable figure in her community.

According to some reports, Mahira Khan’s net worth is $15 million whereas that of Salim Karim is $1 million.


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When a woman marries a businessman, people automatically consider her a gold-digger without even considering the woman’s own professional accomplishments. It is deeply unfair to label Mahira Khan so because it diminishes her agency, autonomy and achievements. She has built a successful career based on her talent and hard work and her personal relationships must be respected and separated from her professional accomplishments.

Such kind of trolling and shaming is not just derogatory but perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

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