“It Pains Us,” Mahhi Vij & Jay Bhanushali On Receiving Hate For ‘Abandoning’ Their Foster Kids

In 2017, television actors Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali adopted their house help’s two children Khushi and Rajveer. The couple has been taking care of the kids’ education and upbringing ever since. In 2019, they also welcomed their daughter, Tara.

According to The Indian Express, people have been criticizing the couple for ‘ignoring’ and ‘abandoning’ their foster children and giving preferential treatment to their biological daughter.

The couple has shared their response in an Instagram post saying, “A lot of you have been questioning, a lot of you have been assuming, a lot of you have been writing anything and everything and it’s just NOT FAIR! Yes, we are parents, FOSTER Parents! Tara entered our lives as a beautiful blessing but that doesn’t change our feelings for Khushi and Rajveer.”

“When Khushi came into our lives, we became parents but a part of us knows that the decisions and the first rights belong to her father and mother. They had always wanted the kids to spend some time in Mumbai but eventually return to their hometown and be with their extended family and grandparents. And we feel that there is no one who can judge what is better for a child, than their parents.”

India Today quoted them adding,

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“So today to all of you who may question why you aren’t seeing them with us or feel that we’ve abandoned them, please don’t! It pains us and it will hurt our children when they grow up. For us, all our three children are equally loved but two of them though living in their hometown are still precious for us. Our video calls and frequent exchange of messages keep us close to them and that’s a decision which none of us have a right to interfere in.”

“The kids will keep coming and they have two homes for a lifetime, one in their hometown, and one with us. All our festivals like Diwali and even Khushi’s birthday are celebrated together. The love doesn’t change and will always only grow! We hope that all your questions and assumptions are rested for once and all! Please bless our children, wish them well because that’s all we want, positivity and Good Karma!”

More power to you, Mahhi and Jay.

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