Maharashtra Employee Wants To Go To Office On A Horse, Seeks ‘Parking Space’ For It

Fuel prices are on the rise and citizens are worried that their commute to work will run their wallets dry. At the rate at which fuel prices are increasing, soon people will have to ride a cycle to work…or a horse perhaps!

Speaking to horses, one man in Maharashtra’s Nanded recently wrote his boss a letter asking if he could get a parking space for a horse. He narrated how he was suffering from severe back pain and riding a 2-wheeler to work would only make his condition worse, which is why he wanted to ride a horse to work, reports TOI.

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“I have some issue in my spinal cord due to which I cannot use a two-wheeler to reach the office. I have decided to buy a horse for coming to the office on time. I request you that I be allowed to tie a horse on the premises of the collectorate,” the employee wrote.

This bizarre request was made by Satish Deshmukh who works as Assistant Auditor in the Employment Guarantee Scheme department, reports The New Indian Express.

A copy of the letter went viral on social media and grabbed several eyeballs!

District collector Dr Vipin Itankar confirmed that he had indeed received such a letter. Addressing the matter he said that riding a horse when the person already suffers from back pain will only aggravate the issue.

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Satish Deshmukh eventually withdrew his request.

Wouldn’t it be so cool if people could ride a horse to work?

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