India’s Maharajas’ Express Train Ticket Costs As Much As ₹19 Lakhs! Desis Hilariously React

The most ‘luxurious’ form of travel I’ve done via trains is by booking first-class cabins (known as First AC or 1A). The idea of having enough privacy and not having to share your space with strangers is oddly rewarding.

However, did you know that there’s a train in India called the Maharajas’ Express? The best way I can describe it is that it’s a luxurious train meant for no less than royals who want to travel via their palaces but had to settle for trains.

“A train almost half a mile long redefines luxury and comfort. It recreates the lifestyle of a princely era and provides an experience of lavish living. Maharajas’ Express that never falls short to showcase the splendours of India,” Maharajas’ Express’s official website reads.

I mean, this is one of the dining areas and is called the Mayur Mahal:

Image source

This is another restaurant called the Rang Mahal:

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These are what some of the rooms look like:

Image source
Image source

A content creator named Kushagra visited this train and took to Instagram to share a stunning video. The cabin that he shows in the video costs Rs 19 lakhs.

However, when we checked the official website for the Maharajas’ Express, we found that Rs 19 lakhs is the most expensive package that includes a booking of the Presidential Suite for the ‘Indian Splendour Itinerary’. The least expensive package is Rs 2.8 lakhs for a Deluxe Cabin for the ‘Treasures of India’ tour.

People online, on the other hand, argued that they would rather spend this exorbitant amount on a foreign tour, a house, and investment plans. The responses were hilarious! Have a look:

Would you travel via this train?

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