Mahabharata Cast’s Tearful Goodbye After Its Final Episode Brings Back 90s Memories

Mahaaaaabharat!! *Thunder sounds*

Did this transport you back to your sofa at home, in front of your new colour TV, when the entire family sat at home enjoy puri, bhaaji and chai watching what Krishna taught Arjun? Those afternoons were an integral part of our childhood, long before vamps and flies came into our lives.

Image Source: BR Chopra

B.R Chopra’s Mahabharat was what made those days a little more special. The show which ran DD National (Remember? When we were begging parents to get cable?) brought to our homes lessons of morality which we could apply when we were an adult.

It’s been a long time since the show went off-air, but very few people know how the actors felt after being a part of the show for such a long time. Recently, a Twitter user shared a video of the actors bidding a tearful adieu to the show after the final take.

The sadness and nostalgia engulfed everyone on the micro-blogging site and people took a little time out of their busy lives to remember those good old times.

1. So true!

2. Thank you, B.R Chopra.

3. Nostalgia!

4. We remember them too!

5. How times have changed!

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6. Best serial ever!

7. Sahi kaha bhai!

8. Without controversy, we hope.

9. Before we knew Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan.

10. TV died with these serials, I guess.

11. It does!

How we miss that time when life was as simple as waking up on Sunday morning and switching on the TV.

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