Twitter User Does The Impossible, Eats Maggi With Curd & Calls It ‘Soul Food’


I know all you Maggi lovers must have experimented with the quintessential midnight snack, be it by putting in veggies in it or by loading it with a generous amount of cheese. Well, unlike some of us, people online often go a little overboard with their cooking and imagination.

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Earlier, someone cooked ‘Chocolate Maggi’. Not just this, ‘Santra Maggi’ has also graced us a while back among other weird combos. If this blasphemy wasn’t enough, a Twitter user named Felon Mask decided to eat it with curd. And guess what, she says that Maggi and curd is ‘soul food’.

This is how people reacted to this INCREDIBLE revelation.

Well, I really don’t know what to say now. Probably I’ll just go back to binge-eating Kaju Katli that we got on Diwali and pretend I never saw this happening.

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