Woman Makes ‘Maggi Mirchi’ By Stuffing Noodles Inside Massive Green Chillis, Desis React

Maggi is every hosteller’s survival kit and comfort food for rainy days. It is the ‘lazy lunch’ for many young couples living together and a ‘punishment dinner’ for partners who refuse to do their share of chores. What I’m trying to say is, Maggi isn’t just noodles. It has a backpack of emotions attached to it.

Therefore, if you take Maggi and mix things like curd, cookies, cream, and jaggery and turn it into an abomination, toh gussa ayega hi! Recently, one woman on Twitter shared a picture of ‘Maggi Mirchi’ – basically huge green chillis stuffed with noodles, and people lost their minds.

Someone else suggested roasting the mirchi, add some cheese and chilli flakes, and serve it with spicy ketchup.

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Several people online unanimously said, mat karo aisa.

Would you try this Maggi Mirchi and cry inside the toilet the next morning? Tell us! 😛

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