The Ban On Maggi Crushed Many Souls, But These Hilarious Reactions Caught Our Eyes!


What is the sign of an ultimate powerful brand? That it gets detected with 17% lead (where only 2% is allowed), and still the whole country stands by it rather than trashing the product. How much have we loved Maggi? Right from when we were toddlers to when we moved out of our house for the first time, Maggi has been with us throughout and now it’s suddenly gone!

This time it’s not just a product being banned. It’s a part of our lives being removed. The ban created lot of motion on all the social networking sites but some reactions stood out. Here are few hilarious reactions to the popular #MaggiBan

1. Priorities sorted

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2. The unfortunate Demise


3. The two minute silence


4. Emo Feelzzzz


5. The forbidden Maggi


6. We’ll be back


7. The Winner- When Japan decided to import 2 million high-lead Maggi packets to use as nuclear radiation shields 😛

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Well Maggi, you will be missed! 🙁

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