Bombay High Court Lifts The Maggi Ban. Who’s Throwing A Maggi Party Now?

The Maggi ban left several people heartbroken. Their favorite companion who stayed with them in their highs and lows was taken away from them. They were told that the lead & MSG content is too high and shouldn’t be consumed. Most of us kept wondering, nothing happened to us even after eating these instant noodles for several years. Then why now?

In a moment of relief and unexpected happiness to all Maggi lovers, the ban imposed on the sale of Maggi noodles have been lifted by Bombay High Court. However, the verdict is conditional on the results of fresh tests done on seven variations of Maggi noodles. Nestle India is also expected to file for an approval for the sale of Maggi oats noodles. Earlier, a penalty had been fined against Nestle India for selling the Maggi oats noodles without getting the product approval from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.


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Earlier on Wednesday, the Department of Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution had filed a complaint against Nestle India under Section 12(1) (d) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 for selling defective product, unfair trade practice and the sale of Maggi oats noodles without product approval.

The department had sought fine for Rs. 640 cores. However, the actual fine is expected to go much higher.

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Nestle India, we hope that you have learned your lesson and are now going to serve us lead & MSG free Maggi.

Maggi, we love you! You have no idea how much we missed you!

News Source: DNA India

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