Madhuri Dixit Gets An FDA Notice Just For Endorsing Maggi

Maggi has been in headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. Maggi recently came under the scanner after samples collected by Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration were reported to be containing Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) and lead more than the permissible limits.

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Following this, Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit seems to have landed in trouble with the Haridwar Food and Drug Administration and that too, just for endorsing the brand.

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The notice seeks a report from the actress within 15 days on the claims made in the advertisement regarding the nutrition value of ‘2-minute noodles’.

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She has been asked to explain how Maggi is good for health and the basis of making the claims.

If the actress fails to respond to the notice within the stipulated time frame, a case could be registered against her“, Food Security Officer Mahimanand Joshi said.

Looks like, Maggi is turning from ‘2-minute noodles’ to ‘2-minute troubles’.

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