Madame Tussauds‏ Just Crafted A Gorgeous Madhubala Wax Statue And Words Fall Short…

Madhubala, or as she is called, the most iconic woman in the industry, was indeed a woman of incomparable talent, unmatched grace and indescribable charm. Not many people know that Madhubala was the first Indian woman to set a foot in Hollywood.

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Madhubala’s beauty was irresistible. She was a superstar in India and the stories of her charisma spread like wildlife all over the world. In 1950’s, she started receiving offers from Hollywood. A magazine did a feature on her and called her, “The Biggest Star in the World”.

She was recognised as the country’s most ICONIC actors and only at the age of 36, we lost her to a prolonged illness.

Paying a tribute to her talent, beauty, and charm, Delhi’s Madame Tussauds just unveiled a gorgeous wax statue of Madhubala. And, words fall short to describe it. Take a look.

1. That grace!


2. The unveiling of the statue was marked with a celebration.


3. That evergreen smile!

"Celebration of a timeless Era !!" The unveiling of the wax figure of the timeless beauty #Madhubala was a beautiful affair with her youngest sister Madhur Bhushan remembering her 'aapa' with proud emotions. She very aptly said," मधुबाला आज भी ज़िंदा हैं, आप सबके दिलों में मोहब्बत की तरह।" The fact that her wax figure is made almost five decades after she died speaks of how much alive she still is. P.S. : No matter how hard we tried, we were unable to capture that sparkle of her eyes 💝 . . . #delhikaravan #event #update #hindimovies #thingstodoindelhi #sodelhi #lbbdelhi #media #promotion #bloggers #madametussauds#indian #cinema #mughaleazam #indianactress #waxfigures #dfordelhi #instalike #delhikaravansocialmedia #anarkali

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4. Doesn’t that take your breath away?


5. Here’s a closer look at the perfection.


6. Every detail carved to bring her back to life.


7. Isn’t it simply beautiful?


8. The ambiance had magic too.


9. Remembering some of her best films and amazing characters she portrayed on screen.

The artists have done a commendable job. A talent and beauty like Madhubala just cannot be forgotten.