R Madhavan On Moving To Dubai With Family As Son Vedaant Trains For Olympics 2026

In case you didn’t know, R Madhavan’s son Vedaant is a national-level swimming champion. But now he is working towards becoming a world champion as well. According to News18, Vedaant is currently preparing to compete at the 2026 Olympics and his parents are right by his side supporting him with whatever he needs.


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The Indian Express reported that Madhavan, his wife Sarita, and Vedaant have moved to Dubai as it has better facilities for Vedaant to train.

“The larger swimming pools in Mumbai are either closed because of Covid or out of bounds. We are here with Vedaant in Dubai where he has access to large pools. He’s working towards the Olympics, and Sarita and I are right by his side,” Madhavan said in an interview.

He also revealed that he was never disappointed in his son for not taking up acting as a career. Instead, he wishes all parents support their kids in having interests of their own.

About Vedaant he said, “He’s been winning swimming championships all across the world and making us very proud.”

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Advising “star-parents”, he said that they should let their child fly.

“His chosen vocation is far more important to me than my own career,” he said.

In October, Vedaant dominated headlines after winning 7 medals at the Junior National Aquatic Championships in Bengaluru where he represented Maharashtra. Besides that, he has competed in the International Swim Meet in Thailand, Asian Age Games, Latvian open qualifiers, and many more.

Seems like Vedaant is on his way to becoming a swimming legend!

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