R Madhavan Talks About Modern Marriages, Says ‘People Are Quitting So Easily’

I think we can agree that marriages nowadays are very different from what they used to be a couple of decades back. Earlier, people used to stick to their marriage despite it being abusive and toxic. Nowadays, with growing awareness, couples know that they have a way out if they aren’t happy.

Actor R Madhavan recently shed light on this topic. According to The Indian Express, he, who has been married to his wife Sarita for 22 years now, highlighted that people tend to give up easily nowadays and that there are many external factors that can negatively influence a marriage.


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“I think people are quitting so easily. Priority
ki vaat lag gaya hai (nobody cares about priorities). Also, there are so many distractions and pressures, especially put by the corporates and trends. That makes you feel inadequate. It’s undue pressure,” he said.

He went on to highlight the importance of having a simple life and sorting out our priorities.

“I think it’s important to recognise what is important. In the end, it all cuts down to a simple life, with a companion. I think if we look at the relationship shared by most of our parents, we will know it’s not so complicated,” he said.

His ‘Decoupled’ co-star Surveen Chawla was also present during the interview. In her opinion, many people desire to have a simple life but they end up “complicating it themselves”.


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“I realised the magic of acceptance. I have beautifully accepted things and now let them take their own course. You don’t need to decide everything, you can let things roll out themselves. And I find that beautiful. Also, coming to changes in marriages now, I think exit has become so easy. It’s so unfair that way since you have an option all the time,” she said.

Do you agree with what the two actors have to say about modern marriages? Tell us!

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