How Exactly Do You MAKE A Mother’s Day? This Emotional Video Has The Perfect Answer.

We have been fortunate enough to be blessed by the affection of our mothers and making them happy is the least we can do in gratitude. But did you know that the essence of MAKING a mother’s day doesn’t only lie in gifting her presents?

This year, some people decided to MAKE a Mother’s day instead of celebrating it. AXIS Mutual Fund undertook a brilliant initiative and took its employees to a home for the elders, where each of them spent time with a mother.

Not only were they were seen sharing happy anecdotes and interesting stories, the mothers talked about their passion, their hobbies and the driving force in their lives which always keeps them beaming with joy.


Their passion ranged from music to travel and it was amazing to see the amount of zeal these independent women had in them. They absolutely believe in living life to the fullest.


By sharing their quintessentially romantic love stories and the tales of their world ventures, these moms made it a day these employees would never forget. Who in turn, made their day. You just can’t miss the elation on their faces in this beautiful video.

We had broad smiles and tears of joy, throughout the clip. It’s so endearing to see them going that extra mile. Because while we all were busy celebrating Mother’s Day, some people were busy making A mother’s day.

This story is brought to you in association with AXIS Mutual Fund.

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