Company Says No Meetings Between 12 Noon & 1 PM As Lunch Hour Is Important For Mental Health

How many times have we as corporate professionals worked through lunch hour only to realize it’s 5 pm now and we haven’t eaten anything since breakfast? How many times have we been so tied up with client calls that we forgot about eating altogether? Have often were we been forced to schedule meetings during lunch breaks as that was the only time suitable to everyone involved? Too many to count, right?

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Recently, the US Head of AI Growth, Startups & VC at a Big 4 tech company initiated a discussion on why this was detrimental to the health of employees and how leaders should devote 15 minutes of their time to check in on team members and their mental state of mind. Furthermore, she recalled how one of her previous employers initiated a no meeting between 12 noon-1 pm rule after 2 staffers fainted and 1 died as a result of overworking.

This prompted discourse on the importance of taking lunch in the cafeteria as opposed to the work desk, a mental break to boost productivity, and why managers ought to value employees more than bottom lines.

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The main takeaway from the discussion was that both employers and employees should strive to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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