This Beautiful Time Lapse Of Lucknow Made With 15,000 Photographs Is Simply Spectacular

Time lapse photography is a staggering concept that enables us to appreciate things we normally can’t. The beauty of anything escalates invariably when it is encapsulated. It is like that inexplicable feeling you get when you look back at a year which together seems wonderful despite having some sour moments.

This time lapse by Timestance has beautifully captured the essence of the royal city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh with 15,000 pictures clicked with utmost perfection. It took Anuj Nigam 24 months to finally complete the film but once you look at it, you will realise how every second put in has been absolutely worth it.

The best part about the video is how it has captured the cultural and historical diversity of the city. You’ll feel spiritually colourful.

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The City of Nawabs is indeed beautiful. Must watch! 🙂

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