People Are Tweeting Life Updates They Wish Their Loved Ones Were Alive To See

Losing loved ones is hard, especially our parents. The loss leaves a void in us that nothing or no one can truly fill. We just learn to live with it. There are times when we miss them terribly and there are also times when we wish they could see how far we’ve come, the things we’ve accomplished, and the people we’ve become. Because they’re the ones who taught us everything and shaped us into well-functioning adults.

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When Clare Mackintosh wished that her late father could see all the books she wrote, other people also joined in and shared life updates that they’d want their own late parents to know.

Some talked about turning their lives around and excelling in their careers while others spoke of meeting their partners and having children.

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People also remembered their late grandparents and partners who motivated them to be the best versions of themselves.

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This thread is a wonderful reminder to keep your loved ones close and hug them frequently.

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