This Woman’s Powerful Poetry About Being Gay In India Will Give You Chills

The British came, conquered and ruled over India for 89 years. But when they left, they left ours country in more than just a desolate state. Section 377 of The Indian Penal Code which criminalizes all “carnal intercourse against the order of nature including homosexual sex acts”, was first introduced in 1861, and surprisingly it has stayed on even after the British are long gone.

In this powerful and soul-stirring video by Button Poetry, Arati Warrier talks about how it’s 2015 but India, and it’s society is still not ready to accept homosexuality as completely natural, as natural as you and I are.

I watch my mother laughing on the phone with her mother.
I picture myself coming out and my parent’s heart break flooding all of India.
This is a powerful sorcery.
One I am not ready for.